meet the real you

I believe

We all can benefit from more tender loving care, a sweet reminder of our beauty, our worth and our sense of being.

Hello courageous, heart-centred being, visionary, entrepreneur, you:

accept all that you are,
value every experience life gifts you,
believe in your skills, ideas, visions.

Keep going on the path of reconnecting to your true nature, and create a future filled with balance, joy and abundance.

A warm loving hug,


To listen,
create a safe space and invite you to share vulnerably what is really going on inside your head and your heart without feeling judged or afraid of your emotions.

To brighten
your perspective on purpose, self-worth and life without the need to prove yourself to anyone and slave away at a job you have because it is expected of you from parents/society.

To encourage
you to freely and confidently express your voice and move your body without thinking you are not good / worthy / flexible / pretty / slim / funny / smart enough…




The below video is part of the Self-Worth Week happening from the Feb 8 – 13th


For years I lived disconnected and in denial.
I resisted the attention and love from loved ones including my mother, felt ashamed of my body, believed I wasn’t smart enough and clueless of what to do with my life.

It wasn’t until I stepped out of my comfort zone, invested in myself, listened to my heart and deepened my connection to nature that I witnessed a shift in my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. 

My self-worth is now acknowledged, my bond is stronger with my mother, I manifested a loving and supportive partner, eliminated food intolerances and life-long cat allergies, developed natural psychic abilities and created a life free to express all of who I am.

If my story resonates, I invite you to journey back to your roots, your heart, your true nature – with me, my friends or using free resources.

More about Amanda



Live healing sessions
Coaching calls

(Sessions are by ZOOM or video Whatsapp)


Weekly personalised meditations delivered to your preferred inbox +
Connection to other amazing people +
Self-development and healing resources +
Minimal homework +
Accountability +
WhatsApp support between sessions

Duration: between 8-12 weeks, we choose what serves you after the chemistry call

Your investment: between €1800-4400
I only work with those who are committed to investing in themselves.  If that is you, book a chemistry call.

I believe there is no magic one-size-fits-all pill.

Remember, change does not happen overnight and no one outside yourself can heal you.
It is your responsibility to stay committed, be patient and act with courage.

If a 10-week coaching journey is not for you, though you are curious about energy healing work –  check out the individual sessions I have on offer.

multi-dimensional energy healing

“If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Light Language – Sound Healing Journey
Sekhem – Reiki Live Healing
Sekhem – Reiki Distance Healing
Calligraphy Flow – Body Movement Class

Energy sessions range between 44 – 180 euros.
Book your session here.

What others say

‘It’s been truly an amazing journey to coming back to my natural state and by taking Amanda’s classes, join in the sun ceremony and also 1:1 session deeper quantum work, it’s really helped me a lot to shift my frequency and energy and connecting with my body, my divine truth and opening more doors to expand.

Her clearings, activation is so powerful and she really helped me to ground down in my body.

Her intention, intuition, guidance, channelling, music is so beautiful, truly magical and it’s helped me awaking soul memories, awaking the light language, bringing me confirmation that I needed and so many visions, messages and guidance that has helped me also to trust and believe in myself which is a key to flow in this world. Divine trust, inner knowing, that is a beautiful foundation to build a life on.

I can highly recommend Amanda’s sessions and her divine guidance in all areas of life, where you might feel stuck or, need to clear or be activated or just to get to know yourself better, grounded down in ur body and to open more doors in your life. Helping you remember who you are.

She has the tools, modalities to do it all, a true reflection of an infinite being. ‘ Divinity

‘I’m so grateful to have had support from Amanda before, during and after my cancer treatments. I have been able to see cancer as a gift for me to change my life for the better.

I now start the day with gratitude that gives me so much more abundance.

I am more connected with my body and mind. Listen much better to my body, more confident and sleep much better.

I would recommend Amanda to everybody and anybody regardless of what they are struggling with as long as they have an open mind and heart. ‘ Frieda