Years ago I designed a branding kit for social entrepreneurs, would you like to receive this?

Email me at with title: ‘I would love branding advice’ and I will send this pdf to you, free of charge!

Before you get started with your logo and website design, the most important aspect of your business is your foundation. Without strong roots in the ground, your business runs the risk of not being seen for its true value and you may operate from self-esteem.

I highly recommend you read The Self Worth Safari book by John Niland to get a deeper understanding of how important self-worth is before starting/pivoting/changing your career.

There is also this book with useful tips for Creative Personal Branding by Jurgen Salenbacher.

From these two foundations, you will find it much easier, quicker and cost-effective to build your business and not only the visual side of it!


SO you got your strategy done, you know why you are in the business, you know your target audience and you want to get started on the visual identity… ok ok…

If you don’t have the designer skills of Creative Adobe Suite, then check out Canva or Pixlr

Check out Unsplash for beautiful free images to use for promotion/branding.

Check out Ucraft for a website maker other than squarespace / wix / wordpress / weebly …

WordPress is the mother of all web development sites, however – if you don’t have a developer friend or finances for website maintenance person, then I recommend you not to even start with nor

Hope this helps, if you would like advice on branding, message me so I can connect you to some people who rock it in the design world!


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