Transformational Life Coaching

we journey together

Where we dive as deep as you want to take it.

An opportunity to reflect on what makes you a unique expression of being, to connect to your self-healing abilities, and to apply new insights into your daily life that will improve the relationship with yourself and others.

Every container is different depending on what you bring into it, we tune in to what is present and amplify what wants to be heard.

We co-create the container into a sacred space, identifying limiting beliefs, discovering strengths and talents, receiving higher guidance to implement action plans, integrate self-care without guilt and obligation and facilitate transition into aligning to your true nature.

is this for you?

You may relate to some character traits, none or all of themwhichever is ok.
Know that it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, how much money you earn, whether you know your purpose or clueless why you are here – and browsing this site.

If you have been waiting for the right moment to change your life (style), I’m sorry to say – there is none.
There is only NOW.


I know there is more out there. I want to discover why we are here and what my purpose and gifts are.

I want to explore my inner world as well as travel the outer world and meet interesting and inspiring people.

I want to do more of what I love and learn how to make a living out of it.

I am tired of changing jobs, searching for new courses to learn (or integrate the ones already taken) and can’t seem to switch off my do do do mind. 

Why do you want to know?
And what would happen to your current lifestyle if you did find out your true calling?

What is stopping you from pursuing your heart?

Now is the time to free yourself from your limiting beliefs, to find the courage to accept change and redraw your life from inside out.

Take ownership of your life. 

Give yourself permission to take off the mask and be you.


I am passionate about social impact, entrepreneurship, regenerative design and the earth.

My day is packed with creative problem-solving tasks, managing teams, brainstorming new sustainable systems that will impact global communities, networking at events and raising brand awareness.

I know how important it is to take care of myself though I often forget and fall into old habits that leave me anxious, with headaches and lack of focus.

My career is important to me and I love this path even though it gives me moments of stress and doubt.

How can you bring more balance into your daily life, especially when you have an important role at work?

Whether you are bubbling up with so much creativity and ideas that you find it hard to focus or to know what the next step is or you are so caught up in the details that you lost sight of the big picture, then take a moment to take a step back.

When you are really acting from your true self everything will flow in the right direction, with ease and grace. You will feel more relaxed and so will your team, your clients and communities you wish to impact. 

Everything is interconnected. 

In my previous life I worked for over 10 years in design, brand development and communications. So perhaps an extra set of eyes can see what shift is needed to raise brand awareness.


I love helping others and see them happy – it makes me happy.

If someone needs support, people come to me because they know I understand, I listen and give useful advice/offer healing.  

I forget that I am also human, that it’s normal to have down days and could benefit from support, though I find it hard to ask and especially receive help in the form of money / love / compliments / gifts / advice…

My body often aches, my energy levels and mood swings are like a rollercoaster.

When do you know it’s time to pause and dedicate time for yourself?

While you take care of others, take care of yourself too, as you practice on others don’t forget to practice on yourself. 

As you teach so must you learn.

We are all on the path wherever we may be, sometimes we are so busy in the world play that we lose ourselves in the fog.

I am here as your mirror, to welcome you back to your home, the present moment, to guide you back to your heart where you can tune to the compass of your soul.



My style of coaching is intuitive and is not fixed on a certain material and external outcome.

I can’t predict the future, I can’t promise you weight-loss, financial security, a new career path, a soulmate relationship, a cure to health concerns, you name it…

This may be an outcome once you have integrated the essence of our work together, which is coming into presence, connecting with our bodies intelligence, acknowledging our emotions, widening our perspective of life and our purpose.

My intention is for you to leave every call with:
peace in mind,
relaxed in your body,
connection to your heart,
courage and confidence (in self-healing abilities),
inspired with more energy to do the things you love,
acceptance of how beautiful, worthy and enough you are,
grounded and alive!

If you are someone who would like to know exactly what we will be discussing and sets high expectations (on others, hence on themselves) – this journey may not be for you – or perhaps this is the time to step out of your comfort zone.


Multiple Live SekHem Energy Healing Sessions +
Multiple Coaching Calls +
Weekly personalised meditations delivered to your preferred inbox +
Connection to other amazing people +
Self-development and healing resources + Minimal homework +
Accountability +
WhatsApp support between sessions

Start date: When you say YES and have time to dedicate to the journey

Your investment: between €1800-4400 depending on the package you choose.
I only work with those who are committed to investing in themselves.  If that is you, book a chemistry call.


Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian energy healing system. It opens up the energy centre of the heart, where you can deepen your connection to all that is.

Sekhem works instantaneously on the body, mind, emotions and spirit – bringing balance, grounding and unconditional love.

Sekhem assists you to take responsibility for your life, to heal, to grow and to become more aligned with your true nature.

Let go.
Tune in to your heart.
Trust in your innate ability to heal yourself.

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