Multi-dimensional energy healing

you, me and source

I connect to the source field from where I act as an instrument to transmit vibrational medicine through silence, sound and movement.

The simplest way to describe energy: information in movement.
I open up the channel through me to you, with the intention to transform any old and stagnant patterns back into motion. Releasing what no longer serves such as physical ailments in the body, mood swings, stress, an over-active mind, emotional childhood wounds and old belief systems that are carried subconsciously.

The effects can also amplify clarity and balance, bring relaxation, improve concentration and sleep, boost your immune system, build confidence in own intuition and increase awareness of subtle energies.

whAT type of session is for you?


Whether you are new to energy healing and meditation or advanced and a teacher yourself, know you are supported.

Whatever you are going through, in this session you have the opportunity to voice out your intention and know you are being heard. You are safe to let out your emotions, ready to feel lighter in your mind and body.

We connect LIVE on a video call (or in person in Andalucia, Spain)

Done from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home.

We start with a guided meditation and a check-in on what your intentions are for the session. We co-create a field of resonance. 

I will then ask you to lie down and get comfortable and allow yourself to receive, connecting with your breath.

The majority of the session will be in silence, unless we have established a deeper connection and additional instruments and sounds join in: drumming, wind chimes, singing…

You heal yourself  I act as the instrument to guide the energy to places where your intention and attention is placed. The importance is your trust in me and the belief anything is possible.

After the session, I invite you may want to fall into a deep sleep or share your experience and any questions you may have.

Duration: Between 1 –  1.5hr

Your investment:
80 euros

plus a follow up call the next day for integration

If you are going through an emotional journey, where you lack sleep, feel overwhelmed and burned out – the Sekhem Energy may knock you out for deep unconscious healing. In this case, I recommend an additional check-in session the following day.

(In case you did not book the follow up call, you still can decide at the end of the sekhem session)

We connect LIVE on a video call

Done from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your home. 

We start with some deep breaths and check in with your body to notice how you are feeling. Have there been any shifts, is anything lighter or has something been released, and therefore more emotional and feels heavy?

We’ll use this hour to clarify any concerns and also what self-care tools you could integrate into your everyday life, as an expression of self-worth. The last thing I want is to overwhelm with more tasks.

This call is not a therapy session. We will not go over old stories, it is a somatic coaching session where we talk, feel, acknowledge and create new awareness.

Duration: 1 hour Live Sekhem and 1 hour Follow up

Your Investment:
150 euros 



Whatsapp or email me to book your session

+34 666 363 991 or

What is SEKHEM?

Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian energy healing system. It opens up the energy centre of the heart, where you can deepen your connection to all that is.

Sekhem works instantaneously on the body, mind, emotions and spirit – bringing balance, grounding and unconditional love.

Sekhem assists you to take responsibility for your life, to heal, to grow and to become more aligned with your true nature.

Let go.
Tune in to your heart.
Trust in your innate ability to heal yourself.

For more info

I believe there is no magic one-size-fits-all pill.

Remember, change does not happen overnight and no one outside yourself can heal you.
It is your responsibility to integrate the energies, nourish your channel and be patient with yourself.

If you have been doing the inner work on your own and feel stuck in a deep pattern, know you are someone who quickly snaps back into old patterns or are curious to explore your inner world with someone on your side to be a mirror – perhaps the 10-week transformational life coaching journey is more suitable for you.



Multiple live healing sessions
Multiple coaching calls
Weekly personalised meditations delivered to your preferred inbox +
Connection to other amazing people +
Self-development and healing resources +
Minimal homework +
Accountability +
WhatsApp support between sessions

Duration: between 8-12 weeks

Your investment: between €1800-4400 depending on what type of package serves you best.

I only work with those who are committed to investing in themselves.  If that is you, please book a chemistry call.