10 Tips to step out of your comfort zone…

There are many different ways you can introduce new experiences into your life that can help bring new perspectives, maybe… 

1) Change up your breakfast routine.
2) Allow an hour you-time each day to read a book you have always wanted to read – or I recommend The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz?
3) Explore your creative expression. Draw. Dance. Sing!
4) Take a right instead of a left even though it might be the ‘long’ way home.
5) Gift a stranger.
6) Call a long lost friend.
7) Ask friends and family for help, as little as ‘could you take the bin out please’?
8) Expand your network, check out meetup.com for cool events.
9) Try saying YES to everything this month (though know your boundaries).
10) Install Insight Timer app – meditation, sound, poems – check out Sarah Blondin and Davidji

Join free fortnightly Self-Worth Safari zoom calls organised by the Self-worth Academy: human-to-human interactive conversations regarding self-worth / confidence / self-belief.

If you are reading this before Feb 2021, join:
The Self-Worth Awareness Week


Moon course at Las Piramides del Ka, Guatemala — learn the magic behind metaphysics, lucid dreaming, astral travel, numerology and deepen your yoga and meditation practice. This course was the beginning of it all for me.

10 Day silent retreat and several month intensive Yoga Trainings at Hridaya Centre, Mexico — heart meditation hatha yoga every day, delicious vegan food, on a hill overlooking the Pacific ocean. 

Anywhere across the world – Vipasanna Meditation Retreats — A bucket list must for me. I’ll let you know more in oct what this will do. I have done a 5-day silence retreat before, this will be my first 10 days.


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